6th International Symposium on Mining and Environmental Protection

The 6th International Symposium on Mining and Environmental Protection was held in Vrdnik from June 21 to 24.


Aquastatin supported this event as a sponsor, and in this way we are trying to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection. On this occasion, we presented our activities, and introduced companies in the field of mining and energy with the possibilities of applying our products in this area.


Novest is a product with a very wide use in fire prevention, timely treatment of the surface we want to protect. The protected surface retains chemical protection for a long period of time and even if accessed by an open flame cannot be ignited. If you need to put out the fire, Novest is a tool that quickly and completely prevents the fire from starting. Novest is a preparation that has a broad preventive effect in industrial processes, traffic and construction. Also, long-lasting smoldering processes of self-ignition of coal that prevent the operational functioning of surface mines destroy coal resources and extremely pollute the environment. The optimal application of the Novest preparation at key points blocks possible processes of self-ignition of coal and enables uninterrupted work on the processing of coal mines.


Condust is a tool that instantly knocks down all types of dust and prevents them from scattering again, and its innovation is reflected in the fact that it also knocks down unleavened coal dust. In this way, the dispersal of toxic particles is prevented, which achieves exceptional effects in environmental protection and prevention of incidents in the mining and construction sectors.


We are satisfied with the good response and excellent reaction of future users of our products.